New Grad Survival Guide for Natural Therapy Practitioners for $47 - $27 for next 30mins


ESSENTIAL GUIDE ~ How to Survive (or thrive) in the first 5 years

  • 10 steps to ensure your survival
  • ​11 pages of concise, expert guidance
  • ​No BS, no fluff, just practical tips beyond how to register, get insured etc
  • ​Advice from a Practice Owner who's been there:  I built up from scratch, established 5 premises, now have a practice that runs at a profit without me going in. 
  • Why am I sharing my expertise with you? Because it's the best way for me to help the most people. You, your family, your team and your patients. ​
Dr. Elaine Hickman,
Founder of & Freedom Chinese Medicine
"There are some key factors that ensure survival for new grads. Common themes that see newbies surviving beyond 5 years out. Or not.
This guide outlines the steps that will see you through."

- Elaine Hickman, Founder of Grow in Practice

Download the New Grad Survival Guide

I highly recommend connecting with Elaine for her advice and assistance for any small business need.
Dr. Jacob Hoskins
"Very helpful indeed"
Dr. Phillipa Youngs
"So helpful!"
Dr. Zara Pranskunas
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